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Quit Smoke Story

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Found your way out of a negative addiction cycle. Given up cigarettes, any other stuff, beating yourself up etc..? Tell us about it here, and maybe help someone else.

“Hi Lisa,

I’ve quit now for 2 months after having the realisation that, at aged 30, I have been a smoker half my life. I decided I never wanted to be able to say that again so I used this as my motivation to quit. I used techniques which allows you to add your own motivations and inspirations and I started a gratitude journal in which I included one quit-smoking-related thing I was grateful for each day such as ‘breathing more freely’, ‘not having cravings today’ etc. I used nicotine tablets to help me quit and I am now in the process of reducing my intake and replacing them with tictacs so that I have no nicotine in my life at all. The difficulties have been when I am around peers that smoke, or when I am drinking alcohol or on holiday as these are all things that trigger my cravings. When I know that I am going to be in a situation where I might want to smoke I write ‘willpower patch’ on my skin and tell` my friends it is there so that if I feel tempted both myself and others can remind me that my willpower is stronger than my cravings. So far so good!”


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