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This is for people who love all things plants, herbs, nature and, herbal cures. For people to share herbal remedies and the likes over a cup of herbbie tea. Or who want to quieten their minds and recharge in nature or on a wildlife walk. This group is for unashamed tree hugger people and those who like all things plants. Seed Swaps, Clippings swaps, Talks, Ecotech, Plants and crafts, Plant sales and more.     Join us here

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Feel the beginnings of a cold or flu? Or full blown coughing, runny nose, bedridden? Take 3 – 4 cloves of garlic cut it up fine and drink it down with some almond milk or coconut milk or water substitute, to settle and line your stomach. You will see the results within a few hours. If need be, keep taking it 3 times a day until you are all better.

Garlic is widely known for its anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-bacterial properties that can help with many different minor ailments and may help in stroke recovery  Keep well and happy this winter 

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Planty people growing fennel seeds after a trip to the Barbican Conservatory

We’re growing fennel from seeds indoors let’s see how this plant progresses.

Fennel is a great plant as a tea infusion and has a mild sweet aniseed-like taste. It’s great for wind especially in babies and young children. It’s good for digestion and some mild respiratory problems. More info http://www.livestrong.com/article/112250-benefits-fennel-tea/

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Nature is a medicine that works for all mental and emotional ailments. Though we need to do the legwork to become our healthiest and highest self, nature is up there on the list of remedies.

Whether it be a lonely heart, a tired mind, depression, ADHD, stress, or anxiety (etc.), nature finds a way to help. We are all deeply rooted in nature, whether we feel it or not; and getting back to our source gives our spirit a good cleanse.

It’s not just the open green spaces that heals; it is specifically the vibrational properties of trees and plants. The trees provide us with not only oxygen, shade, and wood; but they also give off healing energy to the beings that interact with them.

In Blinded by Science, author Matthew Silverstone said he has proven that the vibrational energy of trees and plants gives us health benefits. Trees give off a grounding energy, with their roots embedded in the ground, and a safe and secure feeling to those who depend on them. They emulate a strong figure, that is firmly in the earth, but always reaching upward; using their strength to grow higher and extend goodness toward others.

Scientists are now starting to realize that the tree-hugging hippies may have seen something that they haven’t. We know that everything around us has a specific vibration. A tree, when touched (or hugged), has a unique vibration that affects our well-being in many wondrous ways.

By coming in contact with the trees we pick up these vibrations and are grounded by the trees natural life-giving energy. It also gives us a chance to slow down and get in touch with the natural part of us, and the world around us.

How can we reconnect to nature, and practice tree hugging? Just like with human relationships, there are tree hugging many ways that we can have a relationship with nature. Nature can be like the cousins we drive out to see every once in a while, the parents we see once a week, or a close friend we talk to every day.

You can also have a relationship with nature as an intimate lover. To strengthen this relationship, choose a tree near your house, or in the park, and work on your relationship just with that tree alone. When you feel that you’ve created a bond, visit other trees, plants, or walk in the forest; and get to know them too. Here are some way to get to know your tree:

source http://www.fractalenlightenment.com/36263/spirituality/the-benefits-of-tree-hugging-connecting-with-the-healing-vibrations-of-nature

chi qi gong woodland meditation

1 hour mixture of meditation, qigong, sounds, vibrations, breathing techniques and movement, combined with nature. register your interest by filling in the form below.

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Want to quit smoking? Stop fighting with your mind and body, hurting yourself. Come on a relaxing replenishing retreat in picturesque natural surroundings. receive strengthening and healing therapies including massage, aromatherapy, delicious nutrition, meditation, hypnosis and so much more… Register your interest by filling in the quit smoke retreat form in the link below (you will find the form at the bottom of the page)

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