We are looking for happy, enthusiastic, energetic, creative volunteers to join us

We are a non-profit organisation that believes in Wellness and positivity for all by helping one another.

We aim to achieve this through a range of activities, publications, events, media and campaigns. We also work other charitable organisations to attain this

So far we’ve worked with and fundraised for Diabetes uk, Sane (mental health charity), Solace women’s aid and Children in Need.

Have the chance to be part of history in the making and have some fun at the same time.

Phloat sane wellness event


Joe, Lisa, Jon

Jon kindly volunteered his time/ skills to  try to help redesign the PHLOAT Website to make it more people friendly, and visual.



jake bubblist 1  Jake from Cosmute Puppets

has volunteered his expertise in puppeteering, story telling, fundraising and continues to come up with creative suggestions, activities on how PHLOAT can grow. He’s also done the illustrations for the Happy Bubble and Tweeety Bird Story  published by PHLOAT Publishing.

Some of our volunteers and supporters have gone on to do paid work in programming work for Maclaren, BBC, West End and fringe theatre shows to name a but a few.

* This is an opportunity for you to help be part of a team of caring and fun loving people

* You will be given credit for work undertaken and references needed to carry you through to future employment.

* A chance to exercise your skills, talents, gain experience, grow creatively and personally.

We are especially looking for (but not exclusively) Web designers and programmers
Photographers, Young adults, designers, writers, musicians and holistic therapists.

Whether offering to help for personal achievement, wanting to give back to society or looking for references and experience.  Everyone has something to offer. What is your skill?


If you have a positive drive and want to get involved then come join us at  MEETUP.COM.

If you want to volunteer please contact Lisa on her mobile 07864917170 or friend us on facebook   or…

Fill in the 2 page volunteer form below and send it back to us at phloatuk@gmail.com

PHLOAT volunteer form page 1click here for volunteer form part 1″

PHLOAT volunteer form page 2click here for volunteer form part 2″

There is so much to do we need help with volunteering,  help with media, social media and publications organisation, positivity spreading, acts of kindness, advertising and much more.
We also need people to help out organising a soup kitchen, wellness day events and Bubblism flashmobs, (a fun way of spreading joy, positivity and raising funds through bubbles)