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jah-mir early                                                                                                               

Birthing other suns by Jah-Mir Early (see him @ Spoken poetry nights)

Given this life, taken this soul, built this me .
Wishing to grow this me I seek to understand you.
You, being a part of myself yet unknown.
Me being the you unseen.
We grow and connect tiny beads of this life.
Small fires crowding around to be warmed by each others light.
Charging into vibrant suns.
Here We sing in our light,casting life out into the fading dark and unknown.
Birthing other suns.


Anon poem 

inspired by a river run’s through you

Be Well

Don’t be a trickling faucet

Be BOLD like a font

Like a fountain

A pool

A river

An Ocean

A whirlpool galaxy

A cosmos

A universe

with love

phloat speaks2
God’s gift philosophy

“You think you’re God’s gift you do”

I think if we really believed this it would be a heaven on earth.

If each person believed that they were a gift from a loving source (God) and have the potential to give so much love and positivity, helping to shape a peaceful and loving world it would be truly be a paradise.

Dan Stevers / 

daniel parker

Daniel Parker – Lyrics 

 phloat speaks2

I should be 5 and know this stuff
I should be 10 and know all this stuff
I should be 15 and know all the stuff I do

But then you have all that knowledge and drive
All this energy, creativity, electricity fizzing alive

but your parents forgot it all
You’re up against an old adult wall

and your trapped cause they wont let you do what you need to.
Even though they know,
cause they’ve been in exactly the same position as you.

But they forgot it all and now they don’t understand
You will be bribed or threatened if you don’t comply to their demands.

At the end of the day they only want the best for you
but they’ve been filled with all this fear
anxiety & worry, that they were conditioned to believe is care.

And then your bombarded by all this other crap & strife
That makes you forget your real purpose in life

Even your own body starts to turn against you
doing stuff you don’t want it to do.

Haw moans indeed!
And she/ he is raving
And raging chaotically

Once you got all that energy
under control fully

Then a vital part of survival
So you’re not seen as a rival

you need to join a group a clique
This place is a jungle and on your own it can look bleak
In natural law we’re told its safety in numbers & a loner is prey.
If you get through all this with your true purpose intact. You may
just survive
to see

You have to smile at the mirror by Hy mn

extract  “4 the mirror to smile back
I love the life so the
Life loves me
That’s how simple it really
it took a while 4 me to
finally see
that if you love the life it will
love you back
That’s the truth ov it
That’s a fact”

phloat speaks2
I Can  (30/8/2015)

I need protection

from the one’s that say things like

“you can’t.”  “You can’t!” “You can’t just do what you want!”

When you know what you want is right and is not harming anyone.

The one’s that say “You Can’t” and don’t even want to try themselves.

The ones that tell you “You can’t ” but think they have the god given right to do what they want to you, manipulate situations and people to make you look like the villain.

The one’s that say “You can’t!” and afraid to try themselves, because they were told they can’t and believed the multitude of lies, excuses and reasons why they can’t.

The “what if everyone….” The” you are too…” all the horror stories as why they/you can’t.

And they became the one who said “You Can’t”.

So I need protection from them and drown them out, so that I can.

And to everyone else who knew that they could, and were told that they can’t,

They can


Black and Proud by Trini

Look at me

I won’t change like Michaels did
Or bleaches denying themselves for a lighter skin

Look at me

Not saying I’m perfect but still human
So don’t scorn me like something a dog left behind.
Look at me
Seriously Officer, look at me.
Do I look like I’m treated right?
Come into my home, disrespect me, both physical and verbally.

Look at me
Black and proud

Even though punished for it.
I will not renounce my identity.

Look at me.

What are you so afraid of?
Try your best to stop us from rising,
so for generation you’ve chained us.

Look at me
Still I stand

Look at me.

Nah seriously?

Are you looking?

solomon adams
by Solomon Adams  Extract from Opportunity Knocks (see full video)
“….Find your voice. Delve into your heart. Harness your instrument and use it because it most probably is your craft. Do not worry about those who try to attain everything fast because living a fast life will bring an end to your life fast. Know your past, your history, your ancestors and the ones who paved their way before. Harriet Tubman, Mary Seacole, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X. I won’t stop until this youth values the hard work that leads to success. So I will not digress, nor neglect the fact at hand, for these is a burning neccessity to free this society from a microwave mentality. So we bind ignorance and push forth innovation in education, the tool to set young minds free…”

Opposites by Kass Men

If it weren’t for the weakness, I
wouldn’t know strength

If it weren’t for darkness, I
wouldn’t know light

If it weren’t for boredom, I
wouldn’t know excitement

If it weren’t for inside, I
wouldn’t know outside

If weren’t for silence, I
wouldn’t know to speak up

And if it weren’t for goodbye, I
wouldn’t know to say hello!

nancy rae - resilience poem

Nancy Rae – Resilience Poem

celtic cross
Recovery (2nd April) by John Aldridge

It has been a long time in the making
Twenty three years but not now taking
The road I’ve taken,
not as the crow flies direct
But more of a busy bee now finding insect-ar
Reaching the highest mountains
and lowest valleys
A thrilling, core trembling, vibratory
ride to the psyche

What has past is experience
What’s present is like the feeling of oneness
What the future holds is a
pleasant dream waiting to be fulfilled

cuz ian
by Ian Waide
We can start with I am,
so therefore I can.
I can, I can Achieve.
I need to believe.
I am, so Therefore I can!

Black love
Black Love by Edward Unique
The roots grow my hair, long like lost vines from Jamaica.
Honey making bees come buzzing for golden nectar.
The love inside can only describe dark lips from elegant galaxy.
This is your coco beans heaven my dear, I sang this Chocolate High for you.
This is you romantic getaway to Hawaii paradise.
Let’s fly like wonderful doves kissing the skies.
I’ve painted your natural beauty all African.
Awaiting the motherland, to bless you a brand new pharaoh.
The skin is dark.
The lips are warm.
Not repulsive or ugly.
So never feel, like a mutt on these London streets.
Make your presence felt you was Queen of Clapham.
If beauty’s that important to you.
Why not walk as who you are.
Talk black and proud, Martin Luther King intends you to do.
Be a Superstar as Jemelia.
Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.
Be like Dr Condolezzia Rice intelligent and inspiring.
Empower your self esteem.
Embrace your body beautiful, you are proud of exposing to your one and only true lover.
Don’t think of the urban lifestyle.
They don’t care what you represent.
Think of the garden of Eden where fruitful bliss is sacred.
When clothes never mattered.
It was just the animals and humanity.
I was your Adam and you was my Eve.
The evil serpent came along, twisted our love and banished it to the modern world.
Now we are lost, with no sense of direction.
We’re conflicted for moral superiority.
Who is worth having?
Who is worth abandoning?
Who is to be cherished for the rest of their life?
My black love shouldn’t be avoided.
Doesn’t brother bounty taste edible enough from Celebrations?
But we’ve created this illusion to hate ourselves within.
Let’s cleanse this self hate from Garnier Fructis.
Healing the wounds of the past.
Come dip with me under the shower.
We’ll be singing in the rain.
While sex is inevitable.
Let this moment be our musical phenomenon.
Make it to Apollo Theatre, prove our love is deeper than Wicked.
I condemn thee media, making African women look ugly as baboons.
They don’t represent the black love we kiss and tell.
Don’t let the News Corperation control your ethnicity.
They don’t understand your worth as an African woman.
They don’t know what it’s like to be in love with an African woman from Cameroon, Congo, Uganda, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Niger, Angola, Zambia, Algeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone.
My love is not meant to fuck you out of your complexity.
Admired by your good looks or your good appearances.
My love is to strengthen you in anything you do.
Cos black love is not one love, it’s universal love as all creations built us Venus and Mars.
If the sunrise be our foundation.
Why do you avoid the spotlight enlightening your soul?
The light will be on you when the wedding bells call.
Don’t let your self conscious get the best of you.
Just look here, our black love is so much more to give.
Our black love, is so much more than just an Oasis Dating capacity.
Nubian as you are.
Ghanian as you cometh your Ashanti.
Nigerian as the black waters run the cracks of Earth.
We as the lovers reign the supreme heavens.
Let’s not treat this a one year anniversary.
Or a Valentine’s Day, when I forget how lucky I am to have you.
Let’s treat it like it was meant to be.
From day one, you are the one.

Lisa Lyons – Need I say that at the time of writing these two separate bits I was grieving and trying to balance all the pain and confusion I was feeling with something more positive and loving.

Love minus hate equals…

So we (people) feel peace within them because love conquers hate. We are able to respect each other and each others privacy and not force into anothers space under the guise of bestowing love or just plain hate. When the quiet loving ones are on top  and teaching a loving way of being. But there is sound language speaking emotions joy love an an alive state of being.

I  think all religions and non-religion are designed to fit harmoniously together in a perfectly, imperfect harmony with love or God.

Full-feel contentment  9 February 2014
God doesn’t want people to suffer but live lives of joy, peace, harmony & abundance without hurting people. Some people are so brainwashed/ sleeping/ poisioned / drugged or hurt that they can’t see that (not suffering) this is a good thing and will make people better, stronger, happier, more productive etc. Some people were conditioned to hate/ fear/ attack and call it survival etc. I was lucky, I was taught that love is stronger than hate. Not to mistake anger or disappointment for hate. Its when these negative emotions fester that it becomes bad/ hate. The word love started to be mixed with just lust or forcing, or punishment in the form of revenge (this is different to deffence), etc.. and pretended it was necessary in order to grow, so they forget what it is. When someone gets hurt so much sometimes they forget and start thinking that the stronger ones are the ones who seek to destroy/ ruin/ bully/ lie/ are afraid or become a bit twisted up in lies and change the way love behaves but it will come right again even if you have to change the way you see things in order to know it is the true reality. And everyone has love within them. some were condtioned wrong deliberately Eg hurting people while sending out loving vibes in this way they keep these people mentally slaved and they continue the cycle. They are kept down so long that they think this is what real life is supposed to be like. Or thinking that a person that speaks of love is mad/ mentally ill dellusional arrogant or childish. So hate/ hurt other people and themselves that they try twist what a person is about until others believe it and sometimes even the person themselves. Or told if they tell people things that might help them or others, that they think they are better than everyone else or they are just as ‘bad’ as everyone else. But what if everyone has the love in them and just surpress it cause they are afraid. That way In fact some people are made examples of lied about to try to keep the others ones in bondage and afraid. It takes real strength to expand on, build good humane and compassionate things/ concepts, any weakling can try to break things and hurt people. Lots of people including myself got weary, tired, abused and lied to/ about and felt like they were robbed. I’m still here and would like you to keep the loving part of you and me alive always and know that you and me are strong. That suffering and hating etc… is not supposed to be part of life and dont let them lie to you and change the person you really are in a negative way. I will improve as I did before with love. Some may say I’m full of talk or a hipocrite but they have bad memories. I know me.