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Love Life cover  Lisa Lyons – Love Life   – short story/ poem about nature and life

finding other worlds

Finding Other Worlds EP – Solomon Adams

jah-mir early                                                                                                               

Birthing other suns by Jah-Mir Early (see him @ Spoken poetry nights)

Given this life, taken this soul, built this me .

Anon poem 

inspired by a river run’s through you

Be Well

Don’t be a trickling faucet

Be BOLD like a font

Like a fountain

A pool

A river

An Ocean

A whirlpool galaxy

A cosmos

A universe

with love

phloat speaks2
God’s gift philosophy

“You think you’re God’s gift you do”

I think if we really believed this it would be a heaven on earth.

If each person believed that they were a gift from a loving source (God) and have the potential to give so much love and positivity, helping to shape a peaceful and loving world it would be truly be a paradise.

Dan Stevers / 

daniel parker

Daniel Parker – Lyrics 

 phloat speaks2

I should be 5 and know this stuff
I should be 10 and know all this stuff
I should be 15 and know all the stuff I do

But then you have all that knowledge and drive
All this energy, creativity, electricity fizzing alive

but your parents forgot it all
You’re up against an old adult wall

miss smiley

You have to smile at the mirror by Hymn

extract  ”4 the mirror to smile back
I love the life so the
Life loves me
That’s how simple it really
it took a while 4 me to
finally see
that if you love the life it will
love you back
That’s the truth ov it
That’s a fact”


phloat speaks2
I Can  (30/8/2015)

I need protection

from the one’s that say things like

“you can’t.”  “You can’t!” “You can’t just do what you want!”


alexander King paul

Alexander (king) Paul – I am love


jean Pedro Pierre
Black and Proud by ….

Look at me

I won’t change like Michaels did
Or bleaches denying themselves for a lighter skin

Look at me

Not saying I’m perfect but still human

solomon adams
by Solomon Adams  Extract from Opportunity Knocks (see full video)
“….Find your voice. Delve into your heart. Harness your instrument and use it because it most probably is your craft. Do not worry about those who try to attain everything fast because living a fast life will bring an end to your life fast. Know your past, your history, your ancestors and the ones who paved their way before. Harriet Tubman, Mary Seacole, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X. I won’t stop until this youth values the hard work that leads to success. So I will not digress, nor neglect the fact at hand, for these is a burning neccessity to free this society from a microwave mentality. So we bind ignorance and push forth innovation in education, the tool to set young minds free…”

Opposites by Kass Men

If it weren’t for the weakness, I
wouldn’t know strength

If it weren’t for darkness, I
wouldn’t know light

If it weren’t for boredom, I
wouldn’t know excitement

If it weren’t for inside, I
wouldn’t know outside

If weren’t for silence, I
wouldn’t know to speak up

And if it weren’t for goodbye, I
wouldn’t know to say hello!

nancy rae - resilience poem

Nancy Rae – Resilience Poem

celtic cross
Recovery (2nd April) by John Aldridge

It has been a long time in the making

What the future holds is a
pleasant dream waiting to be fulfilled

cuz ian
by Ian Waide
We can start with I am,
so therefore I can.
I can, I can Achieve.
I need to believe.
I am, so Therefore I can!

Black love
Black Love by Edward Unique

“The roots grow my hair, long like lost vines from Jamaica.
Honey making bees come buzzing for golden nectar.
The love inside can only describe dark lips from elegant galaxy.

This is your coco beans heaven my dear, I sang this Chocolate High for you.
This is you romantic getaway to Hawaii paradise.
Let’s fly like wonderful doves kissing the skies.

Lisa Lyons – Need I say that at the time of writing these two separate bits I was grieving and trying to balance all the pain and confusion I was feeling with something more positive and loving.

Love minus hate equals…

So we (people) feel peace within them because love conquers hate. Full-feel contentment  9 February 2014

God doesn’t want people to suffer but live lives of joy, peace, harmony & abundance