We’ve also created  Bubbleismovement or Bubbleism for short –  bubbly people blowing bubbles in public places. Non toxic and happy scented. Help spread happiness. Curb a crying child. And maybe bring a little peace to a parent.

As strange as it sounds the blowing of bubbles promotes stress relief and has therapeutic value. For many people  breathing and visualisation  can help reduce stress levels in order  to think clearly and calmly. It can form part of a meditative process. Its also a fun relatively harmless activity for all ages.

Be a PHLOAT Superhero…

spread love bubbles

… Bubblism Power!bubblism by Jamie .png

The art of blowing PHLOAT happy scented bubbles in public places and spreading a bit of cheer. (  Happy dictionary)

Bubblism for beginners

Bubbles have been around for centuries for recreation and more serious uses. Spread love bubbles!                     

Bubblism is a fun bubble blowing growing movement, spreading a little happiness and stress-relief.

Happy people, blowing bubbles around the place, here to help you smile, laugh, play and bring joy to your day. Non-toxic, happy scented. BE AWARE mild side effects include spreading happiness in all ages. Can curb a crying child. bringing peace to a parent. In some cases has been known to cause uncontrollable laughter and fits of giggles.

Invite others to have a go at blowing bubbles from your wand. Happy people, children, and sometimes drunk people are the best to ask. There is something about the uninhibited feeling of alcohol intoxication that brings a person to a place where they feel free enough to blow bubbles unashamedly and happily.   We can also get that uninhibited free feeling without drink after a session of bubble meditation.

For some people Bubblism in action will be the most fun they have had in a long time. Make use of the wind. Keep out of people’s faces. Escalators can be great places to do this. But again make sure it is in the middle isle and bubbles don’t fly onto people. Remember bubbles aren’t for everyone, so if a grump tells you to stop. Move away and practice somewhere else. Outside in large open spaces are the best places.

PHLOAT it on, share, record and upload your bubblism experiences to our phloat youtube channel. Or just send the link to phloat.org or twitter.com/phloatit