lisa djembe fbCreator & Founder Lisa’s wish

I noticed a lot of negativity around me.  Was very depressed and had reached a really very low point in my life. I was close to despair and decided to do something about it, balance things up and create more positivity. I thought others may have similar goals. PHLOAT was born. It’s a growing organisation. Get involved and spread the word.

apple phloatPhloat Aims / Vision

To create a platform for positivity, a community where people can thrive, be HAPPY and WELL. For PHLOAT to be an organisation where we care, and to help inspire (WHIRLED principles) Wellness – Wealth, Hope, Inclusion, Respect, Love, Empowerment and Dignity, SOLUTIONS, recognise what FLOURISHES, WORKS CORRECTLY  and in short help each other.

Our Mission / Vision:

We will inspire wellness through a range of events, activities, publications, media, talks, kind acts and programs. We also work with other organisations and charities to achieve these goals.

If you are a charity or starting up a good cause please see our heart ads affiliate and register your interest


Phloat is a non-political, non-religiously affiliated group for people in general (not certain sections of the public) for both adults and children (accompanied/ permission by guardian/ parent).

Please visit our activities page to see what we can do together and see our volunteering page if you’d like to create something together.



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